About Yvette

I am a fun-loving woman on the move who LOVES to bake!

I have been baking since I was 12 years old. My mother gave me my 1st blue and white “jiffy” blueberry muffin mix box to start me off. I was in heaven. As, I got older I would help my mother in the kitchen with holiday sweet potato pies, peach cobblers and banana pudding. I enjoyed my mother’s sweets but wanted to bake cakes from scratch. I Found Out "The Secret"

When I was a teenager, I tried a recipe for a butter pound cake that I found on the inside of the egg carton. It seemed simple enough. It was not. It was a disaster. It had a good flavor but it was very heavy and not quite done in the middle.

I was very disappointed to say the least and the fact that my mother made me eat the cake until it was gone didn’t help. It was my punishment for wasting eight eggs and her other ingredients. I never tried again until I was in my twenties. This time it was a little better but missing something.

I was fearful to try again. Fearful of failure. Until, one day I was working at a social services agency and this lady was so happy for my help that she made me a pound cake it was very good. I shared my failed stories and she told me the "Secret” that was missing in my failed attempts. I listened to her advice and played around with other recipes until I found one that I could be proud of. My pound cake was no longer heavy and dry.

From that point on I decided I would not eat desserts made from boxes. I wanted to try my luck with making them from scratch. It took many years of failed attempts and ingredients that had to be thrown out, but now I have recipes that I can be proud of and call my own.

Baking is truly a science that has to be perfected. But there is nothing better than a room filled with homemade cakes or cookies. The taste is like no other. I have tried a lot of businesses but baking is my passion. I keep coming back to it. It’s my sanctuary. It comforts my soul and my stomach. It’s hard to get a good dessert.  Especially one, that tastes like your mother or grandmother made. I get very close to that taste without compromising quality.

I hear people say, “I can’t eat sweets I’m on a diet”. My answer is “Why Not”? I believe that you can eat anything if you do it in moderation.

That’s why my new dessert line focuses on smaller portions. You can still enjoy A little bit of Sweetness without over indulging. We can help you. 7 cookies. That’s one cookie a day. You won’t be tempted to eat more because there are no more. My pound cakes are miniature in size. Just a little bit of sweetness to fulfill your craving.

The ice cream is a 8 oz. cup. You won’t feel guilty if you have one. All taste no guilt. My products are not fat free or low fat but they are quality treats in smaller sizes

We at A Little Bit of Sweetness, LLC promise to maintain a clean and safe environment at all times. We take pride in the products we serve and this starts with personal hygiene and making sure gloves are worn to prevent food borne illnesses.